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Add your voice to end Duchenne.

Maybe you're a parent or a sibling of a young man with Duchenne. Perhaps you're a doctor, researcher, or caregiver. Maybe you even have Duchenne yourself. Each of us has a voice in the fight to end Duchenne. And the more people who add their voices to that fight, the more powerful we will be.

That's why this holiday season, we hope you'll share your voice and your determination with friends and family through Fotobabble's talking ecards.

All you need is the latest version of Adobe Flash, and either a computer mic or an iPhone to record your own.

Here's how to get started:

1. Choose a photo.

Select a digital photo of the loved one, a treasured moment, or a special place that inspires you to fight to end Duchenne.

2. Add your voice.

Using a computer mic or Fotobabble's iPhone App*, record a message telling friends and family why that photo inspires you to fight Duchenne.

(*Please note, if you use the iPhone App, you will need to tag your fotobabble with "ppmd_tag" before you save it in order for your fotobabble to be seen on this site. No tag is needed if you create your fotobabble on your computer.)

3. Share with friends.

Once you save your Fotobabble, we'll make it easy for you to post your message on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Don't have a mic or iPhone to record your own? Click here to browse through other Fotobabble messages from the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy community.